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How do you communicate? What is your added value for your team? Gain insight by the BeMotion QuickScan and a good conversation.

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We encourage everyone to develop and are happy to contribute by sharing this online Insights Colourtest. Spontaneous, accessible and transparent!

The QuickScan is intended as an introduction. It indicates your preferences based on Jung’s ideas. The four colours are inspired by the Insights Discovery Wheel, by which your personality type is aligned to the colours.

The FOUR BASIC Insights Discovery colours:
Insights RED

Insights YELLOW
Insights BLUE
Insights GREEN

The results can help you with a meaningful dialogue about your communication style, added value for the team and learning style. A good conversation with a friend or colleague, based on psychological preferences, can help. You don’t have to leave any data, nor do we store any personal data from you. We appreciate your comments on the test.

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Discovery Color Energies

Because we don't all see things the same way, we don't all respond in the same way

We each have all four color energies within us. It is the combination of te four energies that creates the unique YOU.

Your decision making ‘Functions’ : Thinking & Feeling

Your ‘Attitude’ : Introversion & Extraversion

COOL BLUE  Introversion Thinking

FIERY RED Extraversion Thinking

EARTH GREEN Introversion Feeling

SUNSHINE YELLOW Extraversion Feeling

Bron: The Insights Group Ltd, 2009-2018

Insights Discovery Workshop

Learn more about Insights Discovery with your team

Discover the power of colourful feedback in your team. The Insights Discovery model helps starting a colourful dialogue about qualities, team values ​​and cooperation. It creates a positive environment in which team members discuss the HOW. How do we interact with each other? How do we make our cooperation a success? How can we support each other even better?

The Insights coach helps the team to view the challenge it faces from different angels and Insights colours. Then build a bridge to the individual differences, talents and pitfalls. To close the workshop with concrete goals and actions for the future. Short and powerful, result-oriented!

The workshop Team Dynamics with Insights Discovery profiles is ideal for a Kick-off meeting, for example in an away-day session.

Our team coaches can, if required, facilitate several parts of an away-day session.

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Insights Discovery Talents

Four basics

On a Good Day


On a Bad Day


Skills of the Insights Team

Eight primary Insights types

OBSERVER – Tests, clarifies and evaluates. Creates objectivity. (Blue)

COORDINATOR – Defines, clarifies, gets information, criticises and test. (Blue – Green)

SUPPORTER – Creates time for others, maintains steady pace, loyal. (Green)

HELPER – Dependable, sincere, loyal. Entourages others. (Green – Yellow)

INSPIRER – Relieves tension. Creates an optimistic atmosphere. (Yellow)

MOTIVATOR – Influences and inspires others. Assertive and creates opportunities. (Yellow – Red)

DIRECTOR – Solving problems logical and incisive. Competitieve and thrusting. (Red)

REFORMER –  Explores all avenues before making decisions. Self-disciplined, dedicated.

Bron: The Insights Group Ltd, 2017.


Results QuickScan

The primary consistuens of each colour

Blue planning: this type thinks in logical steps. He is therefore indispensable in the preparation and monitoring of projects. His accuracy ensures that he will not make mistakes quickly. He knows how to make the team work in a structured way.

Red Focus: this type wants to perform and be ahead of things. He is indispensable for the achievement of seemingly impossible goals. His willpower and sense of quality and perfection are often an inspiration for others. He knows how to make the team achieve the stated goals.

Yellow vision: this type takes account for possibilities and innovations. He is indispensable for the development of new ideas and a vision of the future. The yellow type has the ability to make unusual connections. He can motivate the team to dare to dream.

Green dialogue: this type has a sense of harmony and atmosphere. He is indispensable when discussing values ​​and standards. The green type takes account for all team members and ensures a relaxed atmosphere. He can create a safe environment for a team dialogue.